Fight BO with AHA in Chemistry

Your Pits Need an AHA Moment

Our clean, stain-free deodorant is a serious BO-fighting treatment brought to you by AHAs. Here’s a quick breakdown of how it works: 


Alpha Hydroxy Acids. They’re naturally derived from things like sugar cane, almonds, grapes and other plant sources — also known as fruit acids. They’re used a lot in skincare for their exfoliating, regenerative and collagen-boosting power. So yes, technically they are acids, but don’t freak out. They’re strong enough to be super effective at stopping BO, but still gentle enough to be used regularly on the sensitive skin of your pit.  


Fun fact: sweat doesn’t smell bad — bacteria makes our sweat smell bad. Enter AHAs. They lower the pH of your pit so it’s harder for odor-causing bacteria to live there. Less bacteria = less stink. Our founder Sheena really struggled with BO her whole life and wanted to get to the root of the problem—that’s when she learned about AHAs and their ability to treat BO where it starts.


The AHAs in Chemistry deodorant not only delete BO, but they also have a bunch of bonus skincare benefits. Shikimic Acid naturally stops odor with antimicrobial properties derived from Star Anise. Mandelic Acid is a gentle AHA derived from almonds that works to accelerate cell turnover, helping to brighten and even skin tone. Lactic Acid derived from plants exfoliates to break down dead skin cells and help prevent ingrown hairs, plus it improves the skin’s natural moisture. In conclusion, fresher, smoother, smell-good pits are just a few AHAs away.


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