• BO-Fighting AHA Serum
  • Active Lip Balm

Kosasport is a high-performance capsule collection — made for action.

If Kosas is like your everyday sweatpants, then consider Kosasport your workout clothes. Both are super easy and comfy, but this collection is inspired by athleticism and specially made to move.

Your pits need an AHA moment

This is the BO-fighting treatment you’ve been searching for. Our specific gentle AHA blend helps create a pH environment where odor-causing bacteria can’t survive—leaving you feeling fresh, clean and soothed. *May cause increased sniffing of your pits.

Give your lips a little boost

This hyaluronic lip balm is the ultimate hydrating and protective treatment, loaded with active skincare ingredients like a team of natural oils + vitamin E. Improves lip condition over time plus the subtle mint scent is super energizing.