Kosasport is about the unrelenting pursuit of greatness. It is about triumph, failure, practice, persistence, and all the mental components that make up a great journey. Kosasport is about love. Kosasport is about trust. Kosasport is about commitment.


Sport demands love. It asks that when your body starts to fail, you dig deeper, you find something buried within that drives you forward. That’s your heart. It kicks in and leads the way. You discover and rely on your love of the sport, your love of the game, and, ultimately, your love of yourself.

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Sport demands trust. You dedicate yourself to the art and craft of your sport, but when nerves creep in, trust is the answer. Trust in your preparation. Trust in your willpower. Trust in how many times you’ve nailed the landing before. Trust the practice. Trust yourself.

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Sport demands commitment. Sport is not a fair-weather practice. It requires an active decision to remain loyal. It creates a duty within you, an obligation that fuels your movements and insists that you stay no matter what. To be great, you have to commit.

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it’s a state of mind.

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