Your Eyeshadow Game Is About To Change

10-Second Eyeshadow is a water-based, fast drying, crease-minimizing fluid formula for high-impact color. This one-of-a-kind, revolutionary formula is infused with color-locking Orange Flower Water and Galactoarabinan (say that ten times fast), which soothes the delicate skin on your eyelid. The experience of using this formula is unlike anything else and reminds us not to worry so much about coloring outside the lines. Like painting with watercolors, we’re meant to run wild, freestyle, and still look like our best selves. No tools needed.

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About 10-Second Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow Revolution

Meant to be worn as a wash of color for the most modern take on a fresh eye, the formula is carefully crafted with skin benefiting ingredients to smooth and tone — that’s skincare for your eyelids.

What It Is

A water-based, buildable, crease-resistant formula, for high impact color that stays all day.

How It Works

Pigments suspended in fluid, leave a wash of color behind after sweeping across eyelids.

How To Use

Shake well before use. Sweep over clean, dry lids and blend with finger, doefoot, or eyeshadow brush to desired color.

What It Does

Fast and easy application while providing skincare for your eyelids.

10-Second Eyeshadow Frequently Asked Questions

How does it act as skincare for your eyelids?

10-Second Eyeshadow is a water-based formula that includes ingredients such as Galactoarabinan, Jojoba Oil and Orange Flower Water. These ingredients were carefully chosen to create a fluid product that would deliver lasting color while simultaneously benefiting your skin. Galactoarabinan smoothes and aids in cell renewal, making it an excellent anti-aging powerhouse, while Jojoba Oil soothes and balances skin and Orange Flower Water brightens and tones — it’s skincare for your eyelids.

How do I ensure my eyeshadow is thoroughly mixed prior to applying?

To ensure the eyeshadow is properly mixed, hold the closed tube upside down and shake until you hear the balls click.

Is there a specific makeup tool you recommend using to apply 10-Second Eyeshadow?

10-Second Eyeshadow was created for easy application with your fingertips. However, if you’d prefer to use a makeup tool, we recommend using a synthetic hair eyeshadow brush as opposed to a natural hair brush, as the natural hair brush will soak up the liquid.

Is there a specific way I should be applying my eyeshadow?

For best outcome, we suggest applying the eyeshadow across the lashline using the doefoot. Once applied, use fingertips to blend the eyeshadow upwards on the eyelid. Make sure to apply one eye at a time, as the eyeshadow was designed to dry within 10-seconds for a quick, no-fuss application.

Is it possible to get either a lighter or more intense look using 10-Second Eyeshadow?

For a lighter look, dab the color along the lashline. You can also sweep the color along the lashline for a more intense look. If you desire a deeper color, continue layering the product once the previous layer has dried. There is no limit to the number of layers you can apply.

Are there any eyeshadow shades that won’t show up on certain skin tones?

10-Second Eyeshadow was created with every skin shade in mind and will show up on any skin tone.

How long will the eyeshadow last?

10-Second Eyeshadow is built to last up to 4 to 6 hours, but wear can be extended with proper lid prep and application. We recommend applying to clean, dry eyelids. For longer wear, an eyelid primer or translucent setting powder applied directly to the lids prior to product application creates a dry base and gives the eyeshadow something to cling to.

Am I able to wear eyeliner and mascara with these eyeshadows?

Our 10-Second Eyeshadow is fast drying, allowing you to apply as you see fit. You can absolutely add on your beloved eyeliner and mascara; we just recommend allowing the eyeshadow to dry first!

How do you remove 10-Second Eyeshadow?

There’s no need for a fancy makeup remover (although if you love that step in your routine, go ahead!). Because our eyeshadow is water-based, all you need is a gentle cleanser, some water and voila, you’re done!

Is it possible to create a cat-eye look using 10-Second Eyeshadow?

10-Second Eyeshadow was designed with your self-expression in mind. It’s great for a subtle look or even an exaggerated cat eye. To create a cat eye, use the doefoot to paint a graphic shape on your eyelids and follow with a pointed q-tip to clean up any smeared edges. Just be sure to keep your eye shut and allow the formula to dry (it’s quick!).

Are the eyeshadows for a daytime, more subtle look only or can I create a more exaggerated, smoky eye with it?

10-Second Eyeshadow can absolutely be used to create a smoky eye. To do so, use the doefoot to apply the color of choice over your entire eyelid. Using a synthetic hair fluff brush, blend the eyeshadow up past your lid crease. Once the first layer has dried, we recommend using the doefoot again to add an extra layer on your lid and buff gently until you achieve your desired look. You can then use the same technique on your lower lashline for a more intense eye.