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Lifting treatment gel
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Volumizing treatment gel
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Dual-action defining pencil
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Build Your Own Kosas Brow

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Choose your shades in our bestselling, award-winning brow products. Airy, feathery brows boosted by hair care actives. Clinically proven to visibly increase brow volume.  Clean. Vegan. No drying alcohols. Long wearing.

Build Your Brow Kit

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Faint, flat, fine brows?

🚀Air Brow Tinted Volumizing Treatment Gel
Longwear, tinted moussey-gel for airy, feathery brows, boosted by hair care actives. Brush through brows to fluff, tint + add volume.

"Yes, Air Brow is accurate. I have really thin, light brows which gives me lots of room to play. I could totally give myself a set of dark, FULL FLUFFY brows with this product."
- Ash

Sparse, thin, or over-plucked brows?

💥 Brow Pop Dual-Action Defining Pencil
Longwear, micro triangle pencil with a thicker side to fill in sparse brows and a thinner point for shape and definition. Brush with spoolie.

"The Best. Lasts a long time and love the precision from the tip shape, which I haven’t seen in other brand pencils. Packaging is also super cute. My constant."
- Jo

Unruly, untamed brows?

💨 Air Brow Clear Lifting Treatment Gel with Lamination Effect
Clear brow gel that lifts, sets, and helps brows reach their full potential. Brush upwards to lift, shape + lock your brows in place.

"Fluffy Brows. I have thick full brows that need a strong hold. This brow gel provides an all day hold without leaving my brows feeling sticky or building up product residue."
- Pyiere

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