• Find Your Tone

    Revealer Concealer

    This is a medium-to-full coverage clean concealer that actually improves the appearance of your complexion to reveal better skin. The super creamy, brightening formula comes in 16 shades and is packed with potent botanicals that both nourish and give you a smooth, radiant finish. Basically, imagine if you could have an eye cream, spot treatment and concealer all in one product — that’s this. 


    Caffeine helps undereyes look brighter, and Pink Algae is packed with beta carotene: the best supplement for glowy skin.


    The combination of Arnica and Panthenol is the ultimate skin-calming tool for blemishes.


    Peptides help your skin look plump and juicy, and Hyaluronic Acid (as you probably know) is the holy grail of hydration. 

    Like A Lightbulb For Your Skin

    Apply anywhere you want to brighten, highlight or smooth — undereyes, blemishes, cheekbones, you literally can’t mess it up. Perfect for spot covering or layering over foundation. Pro tip: each shade of concealer is formulated to be the perfect match to your Tinted Face Oil tone — dream team.