Wet Sticks

Next-level lip care drenched in casual, sexy color.

The Shades

Skinny Dip
Cool Baby Pink
Baby Rose
Neutral Light Pink
Neutral Rosy Beige
Cool Mauvey Pink
Hot Beach
Warm Rosy Beige
Papaya Treat
Warm Peachy Beige
100 Degrees
Neutral Pink Beige
Sunset Simmer
Warm Rosy Brown
Island High
Warm Toasty Red
Tropic Bliss
Cool Rosy Mauve
Cinnamon Spritz
Warm Rich Brown
Bikini Blaze
Cool Magenta
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WetStick Skinny Dip
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Kensington in Baby Rose Shade
Next-level Lip Care
Kosas Lip Line Up

Wet Stick

Moisturizing Lip Shine

Skinny Dip
Cool Baby Pink

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Lips Just Want It.
A clean, balmy lip care stick packed with squalane + ceramides that melts onto lips for a sheer wash of color and a touch of soft, kissable shine.

Benefits & Ingredients
Squalane + Ceramides

Softens + moisturizes

Hyaluronic Acid

Attracts water + locks in hydration


Visibly plumps

Mango Butter