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Tinted Face Oil is a feather-weight medium coverage foundation and deeply hydrating skin elixir in 10 shades that are wearable by 30 skin tones. With 10-second application, imperceptible all-day wear, and true nourishment, it’s the new definition of the flawless face. As easily applied as a daily moisturizer, the breathable silky clean formula instantly evens tone, minimizes pores, and erases imperfections, while healing the skin underneath.

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Tinted Faced Oil Foundation: Frequency Asked Questions


How does it act as skincare?


Tinted Face Oil is made with a blend of six different botanical oils, all of which contain many vitamins and nutrients that nourish your skin. Botanical oils can reduce inflammation, strengthen the skin’s barrier, brighten, tone, clear, protect, and reverse environmental damage.


If I want it to be more opaque coverage, what is the technique to make it buildable?


To build coverage, first apply a layer of Tinted Face Oil and allow it to absorb, or “dry down.” Then using fingertips or your favorite blender, sponge, or brush, gently dab more product onto areas where more coverage is desired.

Would you recommend using a foundation tool (e.g. beauty blender or makeup brush) to apply Tinted Face Oil?


Tinted Face Oil works best when applied with fingertips. You can also use your favorite tool if you prefer.


Is there SPF in Tinted Face Oil?


It does not contain SPF but some of the ingredients in the formula may enhance the efficacy of your sunscreen

If I wear SPF and apply Tinted Face Oil on top, how will that affect the performance of each product?


A mineral sunscreen can act as a great primer under Tinted Face Oil! The ingredients in Tinted Face Oil may also enhance the performance of your sunscreen.


How does Tinted Face Oil interact with my skincare routine?


Tinted Face Oil works well over moisturizer. For best results, allow your skincare to fully absorb before application of the foundation. A mineral sunscreen can act as a great primer under Tinted Face Oil! The ingredients in Tinted Face Oil may also enhance the performance of your sunscreen. Serums (water based) don’t typically work as well since they tend to pill. Any skincare that would pill under other foundation will pill under Tinted Face Oil too.


How do I choose the right shade for my skin color?


To start, go to Find the model with the skin tone that most closely matches your own. If you feel in between shades, its best to err on the side of the darker shade. Tinted Face Oil is not completely opaque, since it’s a medium coverage foundation, so the tone of your own skin will interact with the foundation and adjust the final shade. If you need more help, you can request a Tone Selector Card from our website, or you can email us a picture of yourself makeup-free in natural light (neck and shoulders should be visible as well) and we will recommend a shade (

Why are there only 10 shades?


Tinted Face Oil is a medium coverage foundation, which means that it will provide coverage, but your own skin will still show through. Tinted Face Oil interacts with your skin tone so the final shade is uniquely yours. Each tone can work as an exact skin tone match, or flatter one shade lighter or darker. The 10 shades effectively work for 30 skin tones. With a full coverage foundation, more shades are necessary to cover the skin tone spectrum because the product and skin tone must be an exact or there will be a visible high contrast between face and neck.


Is the Tinted Face Oil good for all skin types? Even oily skin?


Tinted Face Oil is a very mild, pure product, and will work well with almost all skin types. Oils actually work really well with oily skin, as they feed and nourish your skin so that it doesn’t need to overproduce sebum. Oils can also dissolve sebum and cleanse pores without stripping or causing inflammation. All that being said, skin is very unique, and can sometimes react in unexpected ways.

I have sensitive skin, is this safe for me to use?


Yes, we use gentle botanical oils, and we don’t use essential oils or other sensitizing ingredients.

If I have acne, can I use this product?


Absolutely. It may help clear your acne over time, as the oils have anti-inflammatory properties, and also allow your skin to breathe.

I usually don't use any oils on my face. Will it make me break out?


Tinted Face Oil is nourishing and gentle. We chose oils that are known to be effective at reducing acne, not causing it. With that said, it can oftentimes be hard to pinpoint the exact cause of acne, and you may develop acne while using this product for another reason.


How is this different from a Tinted Moisturizer, CC Cream or BB Cream?


It’s an entirely different concept, as we are using the power of botanical oils to nourish skin as it delivers a weightless layer of coverage. In terms of performance, it provides much fuller coverage than Tinted Moisturizer and also has a velvety finish. It is much thinner in texture than CC Cream or BB Cream, and can vary in coverage since those products have such a wide range of opacity.

Are there any nanoparticles in it?


No, Kosås does not use nanoparticles.

Are the pigments natural? Where are they sourced from?


Tinted Face Oil contains mineral pigments. They are mined from the earth, and then processed to ensure that they are pure and don’t contain contaminants.


Will the heat affect the product when shipping?


Heat can make liquid expand, so be careful when opening a foundation that has been exposed to heat, because it can spill. The heat from shipping will not impact the product, but please don’t store the product in a hot place for a extended period of time. Makeup doesn’t like to live in the heat.