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Clean Makeup For Skincare Freaks
Clean Makeup For Skincare Freaks
Clean Makeup for Skincare Freaks

Welcome to next-level clean beauty that’s about revealing, expressing, and feeling comfy in your skin. It’s good makeup (not no makeup) that’s quick, easy, can’t mess it up. And it’s clinically proven to actually make your skin better, even when it’s bare. So you can look like your favorite self every single day.

Next-Level Clean

Kosas goes beyond banned lists (more info here). We keep formulating, testing, and innovating until every product pushes beauty forward and is Clean plus:

Skin-Improving, Clinically Proven Makeup

Super nourishing ingredients at active levels bring real skincare benefits. Hydrating, soothing, brightening, plumping, and more.

Skin-Improving, Clinically Proven Makeup
Alive, Easy Color

Alive, Easy Color

Our first shades were created in a portrait painting class and we still think of our colors as works of art. Living, unique, dimensional shades that are so easy to wear, yet anything but boring.

Good Makeup, Not No Makeup

We create makeup with major pigment, glow, and stay-all-day power for natural to transformative looks. You'll look like your best self—real, plus a little extra.

Good Makeup, Not No Makeup

Comfiest Feeling

Feeling is everything. Formulas bursting with so much comfort and goodness, you can’t wait to put them on every day.

Comfiest Feeling

Made for Sensitive Skin

High-performing formulas that are gentle for even the most sensitive skin.

Meet our Founder, Sheena Zadeh-Daly

First and fave childhood toys were a Microscope Set and an Art Kit—creative and curious since day one.

Made her first makeup product at the age of 10: Glitter Gel Highlighter.


️Super sensorially sensitive since she was little means Kosas has the lightest, airiest, comfiest, formulas.


Innovation obsession led to studying Biology at University of California Irvine (skills now handy at Kosas Lab).


Facial oils were the *lightbulb moment* that changed her oily, acne-prone skin in college. Believes that makeup is a big opportunity to take care of your skin.


Launched Kosas in 2015 with 4 lipsticks inspired by the earthy blends of neutrals and pinks she made in a portrait painting class.


Named brand Kosas because she believes beauty is so much more than just what’s on the surface.


️Loves of her life: 10-year-old daughter named Electra and two dogs named Waffle and Brownie.

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